Nurture My Potential takes a unique approach to well-being by providing programmes for children and the key stakeholders in a child's learning journey - parents /carers and teachers.

Children & Young People

The Power of ME Programme is a comprehensive set of workshops designed to promote academic success through social and emotional awareness and enhanced well-being.

Child Well Being Buckinghamshire, Growth Mindset School Programme, Teaching Staff Well-being

Teacher Well-Being

Teacher well-being is a fundamental pre-requisite for healthy, positive,creative,quality teaching and learning.

Child Well Being Buckinghamshire, Growth Mindset School Programme, Teaching Staff Well-being

Whole School Programme

Maximise the opportunity to nurture the potential of every child in your school.

Child Well Being Buckinghamshire, Growth Mindset School Programme, Teaching Staff Well-being


There's so many areas to navigate and its not always a smooth path!

Our children's education is more than learning and gaining knowledge in subjects such as maths, history, english etc. It's about developing the whole child. Recognising each child as an individual with all their idiosyncrasies, and nurturing that individual to maximise their potential, whatever that may be.
When I ask parents what they want for their children the following answers are typically given:
Happiness, confidence, health, love, kindness, self-worth, meaning, an optimistic outlook, ability to get along with people and understand emotions.

In short well-being or emotional fitness, but do we invest enough in helping them develop this well-being?
We all recognise the importance of physical fitness, indeed there are a multitude of training programmes and sports initiatives to develop physical fitness. So what about the training for the development of emotional fitness?

How do children develop the skills needed to develop optimism, resilience, self-efficacy, self-regulation, confidence, empathy, self-determination and positive relationships? We know that emotional intelligence is at least as important as IQ. People with higher social and emotional skills have been proven to function better in the world regardless of their academic intelligence. How do children learn about mindsets, and develop strategies to manage their emotions allowing them to flourish?
Nurture My Potential offers development workshops in all these areas. When children learn about their brain, understand the growth mindset, believe that they can develop themselves and their abilities through effort and hard work, (rather than holding a fixed mindset, whereby they believe that they can't change what they've got!) understand their emotions and importantly learn tools and strategies to manage them, they have an opportunity to flourish.
But we don't stop there, emotional well-being is essential for all of us.Using the analogy of adult passengers putting the oxygen mask on themselves on an aircraft before helping the children, we know that self care is essential in order to be able to give children what they need. With this in mind, Nurture My Potential also offers mindset and well-being workshops for the key stakeholders in the child's life - parents/carers and teachers.


Claire ran a series of Relax Kids workshops for our Reception and Nursery children. The children absolutely loved the sessions. The changes that we observed were remarkable. Children who had previously found it very difficult to participate as part of a group joined in and were able to contribute. They…

Lisa Fern, Head teacher Cadmore End School

“We found the transition workshops invaluable for our Year 6 children. They are at a very difficult age where they are especially vulnerable and they have a lot of pressures to deal with, between the SATs and transitioning to secondary school. Children really took on board what Claire taught them…

Abi Preston, Deputy Head teacher Carrington Junior School

Claire Farrell has been working within Freith CEC School both as part of a wider collaborative primary schools project on Growth Mindsets and more recently in running a series of small nurture groups for identified pupils in school. We began working with Nurture My Potential alongside a number of schools in…

Jo Reid, Headteacher Freith School and Chair of Marlow Liaison Headteachers Group

We came to Claire because my son was really struggling with exam anxiety. School has been a challenge for him this year and the build up to exams made matters worse.I didn't really know what to do but then a friend recommended Claire. My son had 4 sessions that really…

A Parent (name withheld for privacy), 1:1 session

Thankyou Claire we've noticed a real difference in .....'s attitude.He is now much more willing to have a go and doesn't get so disillusioned when he makes mistakes.

A Parent (Name withheld for privacy), 1:1 Session

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