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As the founder of Nurture My Potential, I am passionate about learning and development. My entire career has been devoted to learning and development, firstly in the business sector - hotels and retail in training and development roles and latterly in education.
I became interested in child education after the birth of my first son. Watching him grow and develop fascinated me and I was drawn to reading child development books. As my fascination extended, I decided to train to become a teacher. I spent many happy years in the classroom where I saw at first hand, the difference that mindset and social and emotional wellbeing can make to the development of a child.
I had always wanted to set up my own business when I was working as a training consultant early in my career but my limiting beliefs prevented me. However, as I have explored the research of some incredible people, including Carol Dweck, I learnt that with enough drive, energy, resilience and belief, which spawned from my developing growth mindset, I could pursue my dream. I took the plunge, left the comfort zone of the classroom and set up Nurture My Potential.
I now have the pleasure of working in schools with teachers, school leaders, children and their parents developing mindsets and well-being. What a fantastic job! I know what a difference I can make, we all can make when we focus on the development of well-being. As a parent of two teenage boys, I not only approach child development as a teaching specialist, but also as a Mum who can share many of the trials and tribulations of the parents that I work with. Giving our children and young people, along with teachers and parents, the key stake holders, in a child's life the tools and strategies to flourish in this ever increasingly frantic world is my passion.
Contact me if you are a school leader, teacher,or parent interested in maximising potential to flourish .