The Power of Me Programme

The Power of ME Programme is an evidence based, comprehensive set of workshops designed to promote academic success through social and emotional awareness and enhanced well-being. The workshops can be used fro children from Year 2- Year 10. The titles of the workshops are the same but the content at different levels as the ages progress.

Children learn best when they are happy and engaged, focused and inspired to participate so all of the Power of ME workshops are fun, multi-sensory and fully interactive so that learning flourishes.

The following standalone workshops can be selected to form a balanced programme tailored to the needs of your school either for whole class teaching or small group interventions.

ME and My Amazing Brain: Children explore the brain identifying three parts, the Amygdala, (reactive centre) Prefrontal Cortex (reflective centre) and the Hippocampus (memory and information processing centre). They learn the function of these three parts of the brain. They learn practical strategies to enable them to understand the importance of calm, focused attention for learning and mindful behaviour.

Thoughtful, Emotional ME: Children look at the patterns of their thoughts. They learn that all feelings are triggered by thoughts and that they can control their thoughts. They examine different thinking 'traps' which can distort their thinking. Children learn strategies to challenge their thinking which will allow them to change their feelings and behaviour.

Mindful ME: Children learn the importance of being present, paying attention to the here and now with curiosity, compassion and without judging. Using Tolstoy's book the Three Questions children learn the answer to life's important questions. Who is the most important one? When is the most important time? What is most important?

Cool ME: Children learn that anger is an emotion that everyone experiences. They identify what is happening in their brain when they are angry. They examine their anger triggers, and their physiological and behavioural reactions. They learn that it is important to manage their anger and explore different strategies to manage it developing a 'Cool Me' plan.

Friendly ME: Children explore friendships, identifying their importance and the qualities needed for good friendship. They learn how to make friends and what is required to nurture that friendship. They gain a thorough understanding of the importance of empathy and how they can display empathy to their friends.

Solution Maker ME: Children explore a number of problems and identify strategies to solve them. They think about problems that they are experiencing and identify the skills that they need to solve them.

Calm ME: Children learn that anxiety is a normal emotion and that everyone experiences it. They identify what causes their anxiety and how it affects them. They explore and practise different strategies of how to manage their anxiety and create a MAP managing anxiety plan.

Optimistic ME: Children explore optimism and hopeful thinking. They learn the four basic skills of optimism. They look at the brain research of optimism and understand the benefits of practising the habit of optimism.

Confident ME: Children identify what confidence is and learn the skill of assertive communication. They identify helpful thought patterns which encourage confidence. They develop their own confidence anchors to boost their confidence in situations which they find difficult.

Grateful ME: Children look at what it means to have gratitude. They discover the brain activity that occurs when acts of gratitude are performed. They learn the positive effects that gratitude has on their well-being.

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My Mindful Growth Mindset Journey.
Managing Anxiety and the Stress that it Causes.
Beating Exam Stress.
Year 6 Transition to Secondary School.

Child Well Being Buckinghamshire, Growth Mindset School Programme, Teaching Staff Well-being

Mindset for Success- Secondary

Students explores the following areas:
• Understanding the brain and growth mindset.
• Developing a vision for the future.
• Application of effort to achieve goals.
• Organisation of learning and time.
• Commitment to Deliberate Independent Proactive Study (DIPS).
• Developing a 'Gritty Attitude'.

Child Well Being Buckinghamshire, Growth Mindset School Programme, Teaching Staff Well-being

1:1 Sessions

Sometimes children and teens aren't ready to join a group for a workshop; when this is the case 1:1 sessions are the answer.

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Relax Kids

A unique method of introducing children to relaxation. Helping concentration, listening, creativity, self-esteem, mental and physical health.