My Mindful Growth Mind Set Journey

Curious Me - Persistent Me - Resilient Me
A series of six lessons exploring the Growth Mind Set. Children learn that their intelligence is not fixed and that they are neuroplasticity sculptors. They learn about Curiosity, Perseverance and Resilience (CPR) - essentials for their learning journey. Children learn what it means to be mindful and understand the importance of mindfulness for their learning journey. They learn diaphramatic breathing as a strategy to induce a calm learning state.

Mindfulness has been found to be related to well-being,including optimism,positive affect,self regulation and lower rates of depression and anxiety. (Brown & Ryan, 2003)

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School Programme

The Transition Journey Programme is designed to support all children who are moving to secondary school. Through a series of four interactive workshops children identify the practical changes that they will encounter and identify the different emotions often experienced during a period of change. They learn strategies to manage these changes and explore the importance of a Growth Mind Set to thrive on the challenges ahead.

Managing Anxiety and the Stress It Causes.

In this series of four lessons children identify their anxiety and learn how to identify thinking traps and challenge their automatic negative thoughts. They explore their explanatory style and understand the importance of optimistic thinking. They create an individual plan of coping strategies. Strategies to include optimistic thinking, positive self-talk, mindfulness and visualisations.

Managing Exam Stress - Teens.

Some children experience exam anxiety in the build up to the exam period and become increasingly nervous and find it difficult to recall what they have learned. Studies show that emotional stress can disrupt the connection between nervous system activity and the brain, limiting important cognitive processes essential for clear thinking, memory, problem solving and reasoning, and attention.

If your child has exam anxiety, there are many different ways to alleviate the stress. Understanding the causes and how the body responds, learning and practising different strategies can really help.

Nurture My Potential runs 1:1 coaching sessions and small group workshops for children who need some support in this area.

Children examine thought patterns, learn how their brain reacts to stress and explore strategies that work for them creating an individual, 'Calm Me' plan.

Child Well Being Buckinghamshire, Growth Mindset School Programme, Teaching Staff Well-being

The Power of Me Programme

The Power of ME Programme is an evidence based, comprehensive set of workshops designed to promote academic success through social and emotional awareness and enhanced well-being.

Child Well Being Buckinghamshire, Growth Mindset School Programme, Teaching Staff Well-being

Mindset for Success

The Mindset for Success Programme explores the following areas:
• Understanding the brain and Growth Mindset.
• Vision: Students have a clear idea of what they want to achieve.
• Effort: Students recognise the importance of applying effort to challenging learning.
• Organisation of learning and time: Students organise their time and resources.
• Practice: Students commit to Deliberate Independent Proactive Study (DIPS).
• Gritty Attitude: Students have a clear focus on their goals and persevere when challenged and faced with failure.

Child Well Being Buckinghamshire, Growth Mindset School Programme, Teaching Staff Well-being

1:1 Sessions

Sometimes children and teens aren't ready to join a group for a workshop; when this is the case 1:1 sessions are the answer.

Child Well Being Buckinghamshire, Growth Mindset School Programme, Teaching Staff Well-being

Relax Kids

A unique method of introducing children to relaxation. Helping concentration, listening, creativity, self-esteem, mental and physical health.