Whole School Programme

A Growth Mindset culture will maximise your opportunity to nurture the potential of every child in your school.

The Growth Mindset Programme equips school leaders with the tools and strategies to embed growth mindset into the culture of the school. The Programme enables each child and also, importantly, staff members to understand the growth mindset and to change attitudes and behaviours accordingly. Explicitly teaching growth mindset to children ensures a more successful learning journey and develops a passion for challenges, encourages perseverance, resilience, and an understanding of the need for effort and mistake making in learning.

Nurture My Potential will work closely with you by offering the following:

School Leaders and Teaching Team

  • Nurture My Potential led but collaborative development of a school specific implementation plan.
  • Flexible delivery of initial staff twilight Inset sessions (2) or an Inset day to introduce the theory of Carol Dweck's work and an overview of the Mindful Journey to the Growth Mindset programme - Six detailed tailored lessons to introduce growth mindset to the children.
  • Follow-up training with all staff - Going deeper - Mindset language, engaging parents and school specific needs.
  • Close liaison to evaluate progress, assess further training requirements.
  • Optional TA training (if unable to join main INSETS)
  • Evaluation of the Programme.


  • Children explore the Growth Mindset Programme in six detailed inspiring lessons. Children learn the importance and develop their understanding of curiosity, perseverance and resilience for their learning journey. They learn mindfulness techniques to enhance their learning journey.


  • Parent Information Evening on Dweck's Research and the Mindful Journey to the Growth Mindset Programme.
  • Additional optional two workshops on Mindful Growth Mindset Parenting.